Rio Tinto Diamonds

Intertec Consulting recently completed the Rio Tinto Diamonds web site, which was designed and developed for delivery via the RedDot Content Management System (CMS). The Rio Tinto Diamonds web site saw the continued implementation of Rio Tinto business unit websites under a cohesive and uniform Rio Tinto look and feel.

Key challenges in designing and constructing the website lay in creating a design that visually conveyed concepts of style, status and sophistication associated with the Rio Tinto Diamonds brand, while maintaining the website’s fit with the requirements of the CMS and Rio Tinto’s corporate style and branding. Intertec’s copy writing team were active in developing content for the website to highlight Rio Tinto Diamonds’ position as a world leader in the sale of rough diamonds.

The very positive reception of the site by Rio Tinto stakeholders and senior managers is testament to our ability to successfully meet such challenges and to provide a complete package in terms of design, content and development to our corporate clients.

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