Intertec coffee experiment

The Intertec offices were brewing this week, brewing with coffee that is.

There has always been a lot of banter around the office when it comes to coffee: where to get our next takeaway, what’s the perfect ratio of coffee to milk, which coffee machine is best for home, what beans origin is the tastiest etc. One of these discussions turned to how does a serious coffee machine compare to the ever popular Nespresso.

Steve volunteered to bring in his beefy Sunbean with a separate standalone grinder vs Emma’s dainty Nespresso with milk frother attachment. Steve went first using freshly roasted beans from Fiori in the grinder, wasn’t long before a beautiful aroma filled the office. The end product was a flat white that was on par to a top-end coffee house cafe.

Emma stepped up next and smashed out all the coffees before you could say snap. The pod used was the Ristretto variety to try match the strength from Steve’s strong hit. The flavour was very reasonable but just didn’t have the depth of aroma and freshness of Steve’s.

There was general consensus that the Sunbean (and Steve) did a great job, but there is a lot of effort and time that goes into making a cup, not to mention the cost of the setup is 4 times more expensive than the Nespresso. After all the action we continued our regular group meeting at accelerated pace thanks to the caffeine fix.