20 Hottest Web Design Trends For 2014

02-jquery-unheap-form-inputsAfter spending hours online at different websites, you tend to pick up discernible trends in design. Over the years I have written about changing trends, particularly in the field of website layouts and webapps. Advancing W3C specifications coupled with modern web browsers have opened the door to a new era of digital design.

In this article I want to share 20 growing trends I hope to see blossom over the course of 2014. Many have already been set in motion while others are just beginning to dawn. New trends are fun to check out and see how long they stick around. When browsing websites in 2014 keep your eyes peeled for any of these UI/UX trends in action.

1. Grid-Style Layouts
2. Crafty Image Captions
3. Extended Form Elements
4. Deeply-Focused Landing Pages
5. HTML5 Video Players
6. 3D Transition Effects
7. Flat Design Elements
8. Personal Portraits
9. SVG Images & Icons
10. Unique Web Copy
11. Lazy-Loading Animations
12. Customized Image Galleries
13. Mega-Navigation Menus
14. Expanding Search Bars
15. Featured Detail Lists
16. Mobile-First Design
17. HTML5 Canvas
18. Pixel Sprites & Browser Games
19. Quick User Registration
20. CSS3 Animated Keyframes

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