Web Design: Reboot or Just Upgrade Instead?

Knowing when to throw in the towel and start over with a corporate design is always a bit tricky – web designers generally love a clean slate but its never that easy. The Intertec team has faced this very issue many times and generally the way forward has been keeping elements that work and getting rid of the rest to produce a fresh new design that customers will still recognise.

Here is an article that was featured on Onextrapixel looks deeper into this topic:

Change is always hard, and knowing when to upgrade or redesign  is among the most critical events in a site’s history. A successful transition from old to new will revitalise a community, give renewed interest in your content or perhaps better portray your services.

A poorly thought through redesign may cause your current user base to consider going to your competitors instead. As such, we need to highlight the methods we use within upgrades and that may hold the longevity your site requires.

Whenever you begin walking the pathway towards a website redesign, the initial question which makes itself apparent is whether to start from scratch and come up with something totally fresh and new (which hopefully will appeal to your existing audience)  or whether to take the website you have already and implement a wide series of changes and tweaks to optimize the existing experience. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but as is often the case, things aren’t quite clear cut.

For the full article go to: Web Design: Reboot, or Just Upgrade Instead?

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