How Persuasive Is Your Website’s Copy? A Simple, Five-Step Checklist

Website copy is an area a lot of people overlook. Web content is the best way for building relations with your potential customers. Look and feel of a website is very important but quality web content may be more important.

This article from Design Shack gives you a simple checklist to follow:

As a web designer, you’re probably accustomed to obsessing over the layout and visual appearance of your designs. And if you’re like most, a site’s content is something you’d rather not worry about. But being able to identify weak web copy allows you to offer greater value to your client. By spotting major problems and helping him to solve them, you can position yourself as an expert who works with him…rather than as a labourer who works for him.

And if you know some basic principles for identifying and fixing weak copy, you not only increase your value to your clients—you increase your chances of getting them. Your own website will have stronger copy; more likely to persuade prospects to hire you.

So how can you tell if copy is weak? And what can you do about it if it is? Here are five foolproof questions to get you headed in the right direction.

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