Fastest Way to Increase Your Google Ranking

At Intertec, we encourage our clients to incorporate a news section in their business website. This is great to get customers returning to your website to see what’s new, but the real advantage is that Google (and other search engines) will rank your website higher as your website is more then a static site that does not change.

As most of our websites now utilise a CMS technology adding a news item is easy as pie.

How many times have you heard someone say, I just want that top search result on Google? For a business website, the top spot in the search engine returns can be a lead generating machine.

Think about it. Google is where most people go when they are researching. What if there was a way to get your company’s website on that coveted first page?  Well there is…

One of the best ways to gain that top spot is by blogging. Incorporating a blog into a website can have a huge impact on the overall website’s search engine rankings.

A blog does two important things in terms of the search engines:

  1. Adds naturally occurring, keyword-rich pages.
  2. Increases the potential for incoming links from high-quality websites.

This article will reveal the why and how for improving your search engine rankings with blogs.

For the full article go to The Fastest Way to Increase Your Google Ranking

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