Rio Tinto Iron Ore website

Intertec’s web design and development team recently concluded the design and construction of the Rio Tinto Iron Ore website. The site, developed and deployed using the RedDot Content Management System (CMS), is the first for Rio Tinto Iron Ore, and draws together information and external relations communication from a host of different Iron Ore business units under the banner of a fresh, new website. The development of this very substantial website sees our continued blending of innovative conceptual design with the more pragmatic considerations of the CMS’s interface, resulting in a visually appealing site which foregrounds Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s identity as a world class supplier of iron ore products.

As part of our work on the Rio Tinto Iron Ore website, we were also commissioned to developed a microsite for the group’s Pilbara-based communities. Called Infrastructure Central, this site made use of web forms within RedDot to enable communication between community stakeholders and Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s Pilbara operations.

Content for the website was developed by our team of experienced copywriters, who rose to the challenge of weaving a large quantity of source material from a diverse range of sources into cohesive copy for the entire site.

Response to the site post-launch has been very favourable; evidence, once more, of Intertec’s ability to design and create website of this magnitude to time, budget and to customer satisfaction.

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