Argyle Pink Diamonds
About this project

Argyle Pink Diamonds are some of the rarest and most sumptuous diamonds in the world. To support the marketing of pink diamonds, Argyle Diamonds commissioned Intertec to develop a website in both English and Japanese that communicates the rare and unique nature of these diamonds to the consumer market, and that provides a portal through which pink diamond ateliers can access marketing collateral and bid on pink diamond tenders.

The site presents a visually rich experience for visitors interested in finding out more about these rare gems, the highlight of which is an interactive design gallery showcasing amazing pink diamond jewelry. The site features an application end allowing Argyle Diamonds to generate Trade Access accounts for its pink diamond ateliers, and to create and update pink diamond tenders. The Argyle Pink Diamonds website is an elegant website, with a simple, user-friendly consumer front end, and a powerful, easy-to-use administrative console and database.

Visit the website:


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