Showcase Of Appetising Restaurant Websites

Designing websites for the Restaurant industry is a completely different to the standard corporate website, mainly because we are trying to appeal to the appetite. Here is a showcase of some very tasty designs:

They say the first bite is taken with the eye. If so, these appetizing restaurant websites  succeed in whetting our appetites, inviting us to a savoury next bite. In these designs, color scheme and introductory copy show vastly different aspects of the restaurant experience. Moody warm tones create atmosphere, vibrant greens underscore freshness, and earthy colors communicate a relaxed, friendly attitude.

Because customers are increasingly using mobile browsers to make decisions on the spot, restaurant websites are doing a better job of communicating core information quickly. Similarly, full Flash websites with no mobile alternatives are seeing some decline. Especially interesting is how these businesses are improving their online menus by replacing PDF-only downloads with Web-optimized alternatives that are more readable and easier to navigate.

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