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M68 Bioceramic Race Gear is a French company specialising in race gear and sports clothing.

Bioceramics are extremely durable metal oxides that are biocompatible, non-toxic and chemically stable within the biological environment. They are used in a range of scientific applications including joint replacements and dentistry. M68 applies a Bioceramic coating to its racegear that generates significant effects within the body, which enhances the performance of the athlete wearing them.

Intertec worked with the client remotely to developed a WordPress CMS website and integrated an Ecwid ecart to sell the exclusive garments.

Visit the website: M68 Bioceramic Race Gear

M68 Bioceramic recommendation:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for the team at Intertec. I originally contacted Steve to discuss a website project for the company I was working for in 2010, Focus Mineral. During our initial meeting, I felt 100% confident that this was the company to put my trust into to bring the Focus Minerals website to life.

The professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm that Steve, Petar and Seng portrayed was beyond what I hoped for. They understood my vision and requirements for the website and shared in my enthusiasm for the project. You can tell that the team at Intertec enjoy what they do and that each project- no matter how big it small- is just as important as the next one. I really appreciated how motivated they were.

During the process of creating the website, I spoke to Petar probably once a day and if ever I had a question or needed help they were always available to talk to. This was also another thing that really stood out for me- they really kept me updated and involved in the process every step of the way.

I cannot stress how easy the entire process was- the only thing that delayed the project was how fast I could work to give them the content and photos they needed to put onto the site!

It goes without saying that the Focus minerals website was completed successfully and to the exact specifications of which we envisioned from the beginning, if not better than expected.

Since this project, I have worked with Intertec again to create another website- this time for my own business called M68 Bioceramic Race Gear. Again, Intertec worked their magic and produced an amazing result.

It is without a doubt that I will continue to use Intertec for future projects that may come up and would highly recommend them to anybody who wants a great looking website made by true professionals.

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