The Top 10 SEO Competitor Tools for 2010

If your business happens to be in a competitive search engine market then its crucial to be aware what your competitors are doing,  what’s working and what isn’t. The good guys at Ineedhits have compiled a list of tools to add to your SEO arsenal:

One of the key strategies for an effective SEO campaign is competitor tracking. Knowing who is out ranking you and what they’re doing to achieve the results is the key to improving your performance.

Back in the old days, monitoring the 100’s of SEO variables of your competitors was just as time consuming as running your own SEO campaigns…

Now, thanks to technology and some very clever people, we have a range of tools that do the hard work for us.

To save you the effort of finding the right tools to spy on your competitors – I’ve listed my Top 10 competitor tools below (in no particular order). If you’re serious about SEO – you need to add these to your SEO arsenal.

Some are free, some offer free trials, some will charge nominal monthly fees – all are worth exploring.

Checkout the full article: The Top 10 SEO Competitor Tools for 2010.

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